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As you can see from the picture, our team is able to imagine and manage all the details of the “backstage” part of your project.

Whether you are artists, gallery owners, foundations and private clients, we know how to support you and help you achieve your goals during the year and at the Venice Art and Architecture Biennials.

Officina delle Zattere is a cultural enterprise that promotes contemporary art in Venice through experimental exhibitions and events with striking intellectual, sensorial and emotional impact.
Our aim is to be a laboratory of ideas and to promote a new vision of culture and art communications.
We have selected and involved a team and a network of suppliers for our projects that enable us to solve your problems regarding all stages of your project, from the management of the exhibition space to the organization of events, promotion and communication.
The “Archive” page lists some of the projects that the members of our team have followed up to now.
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