COethos. Grenada National Pavilion, Venice 17th Architecture Biennial May 22nd - November 21st
Castello, 2146
Riva San Biasio

National Pavilion

Grenada is almost the southernmost island of the Caribbean paradise, the last of a series of gems in a crown that softly fades before meeting the continent of South America. A marvel floating above the surface of the water, it is a mirage.

Alongside the beauty looms an ever-present threat: waves rise with global warming, winds threaten to destroy its surface and forest, tectonic plates move and quake in a slow dance, and magma boils muffled in the underwater silence. Grenada, like Venice, is a paradise suspended between a solid historical identity and an uncertain and fragile future. Similarly, its environmental conditions are the cause of both its quality and the weaknesses that undermine the solidity of its paradisiac image.

Inhabiting this land produces the most extraordinarily resilient relics – its people. The resilience of its people to rebuild time and time again after each catastrophe is the impetus of the architect to provide a living, breathing, dynamic, urban design that will serve the people well.

COethos interrupts time and simultaneously stretches it: Grenada and its House of Parliament become the place where the geological ages and a community’s identity meet. It is the expression of the dynamic ways of inhabiting an unpredictable land, it suspends time and the fragility of the environment while acknowledging them as part of its existence.

COethos is a voice from within Grenada that heralds a new cultural, economic, and social perspective as a way to live locally in relation to rising environmental global issues.

COethos is a vision, a narrative, where the individual parts are staunchly interdependent and the already completed House of Parliament is the capstone. The future project endows the old town of St George’s with a new narrative and enhances it as a central place where the community recognises and proclaims its own unique identity.

The reconfiguration of St George’s urban landscape, its buildings and forts, and the rejuvenation of key components of Market Square and Carenage, the management of its infrastructures and its motorised and pedestrian traffic, if realised, will eventually benefit every individual.

The pavilion, produced by commissioner Susan Mains and curated by the Babau Bureau collective (Marco Ballarin, Stefano Tornieri, Massimo Triches), showcases the projects of the Caribbean Office of Co-operative Architecture directed by Bryan W. Bullen. Officina delle Zattere is responsible for the realization and management of the Pavilion.

Tuesday – Sunday, 11 AM – 6 PM
Castello 2146, Riva San Biasio, 30122 Venezia
Free entrance