exhibitions archive
exhibitions archive

Since 2012 and until today, our team has worked on 65 different exhibitions alongside the organizers, depending on their needs and requirements:

- in logistics , searching the most suitable space to the events, taking care of the permission for opening an exhibition, and the agreements with insurance (mandatory by Italian law);

- in setting, taking care, among other things, of the the design and construction of the set-up and lighting systems, and the transportation in Venice,

- in promoting the evet (media planning , media relations, web and social media marketing)

- in managing the exhibition day-by-day (guardians, cleaning services, reports about visitors)

- in dismantling

You can view a selection of exhibitions by following this link.

The world and Officina delle Zattere
Here is an overview of the nationalities of the artists, curators and galleries we have worked with: