Nothing is yelling at you. The sound of silence 06.03.2015>29.03.2015
11 AM - 7 PM
Officina delle Zattere

M. Vicari and J. Forbici
Nothing is
yelling at you

Curated by Italo Bergantini and Gaia Conti

Completely set up in the large areas of the Officina delle Zattere, Venezia,  the exhibition unfolds in a long walk in five halls, among paintings, installations and drawings on wood.

Nature is the theme of the work of both the artists. Forbici, with his scratching style, made of deep traces and vigorous brushstrokes and Vicari, with her soft touch and her winter woods.

Jernej Forbici - work in progress_newsletterJernej’s work (born in Kidričevo, Slovenia) is either a delicate depiction of childhood landscapes, motionless in the time and space of his boyhood and teenage years, either sorrowful complaint of the havoc and of the wounds inflicted by humans in the name of blindfolded progress, which is slave of the money.

The artist’s brushwork moves on huge canvases, like those of Last Flowers, containing the images of a land, which was a beautiful landscape before being massacred by heavy industry.

On the other hand, Marika is completely immersed in the forests she depicts, the quiet sound of the snow, memories of sounds and wind whistling through the leaves, she captures the voices of the everlasting, slow rhythm of nature. She uses wood, subject and object of work, and moves on it, without hurting it, emphasizing its veins and making them become a fundamental part of the atmospheres like in The deep silence of the forest in the middle of winter, and in the installation Third landscape e in polyptych Walking into the wood.

Human beings are never the protagonists of this exhibition, they are just spectators of it. Instead, the focus is on places and their peculiarities, they seem to commit to an engaging and fascinating relationship with visitors, walking trough the suspended forest of Walkscapes and coming across the hills and rivers of Origin of Curse. A game of references, impressions, allusions and states of mind.

Look the works, straight to their souls, in absolute silence and focus to figure out their meaning.

Timeless, no context, unique places.

NOTHING IS YELLING AT YOU – if you want to enjoy it don’t be judgemental, just be open-minded and be ready to embrace it.


Marika Vicari, Walkscapes, installation, 2014. Photo: Stojan Kerbler
Jernej Forbici, work in progress

Vernissage: 06th March 2015, 6 PM
From 07.03 to 29.03.2015: form Tuesday to Sunday, 11 AM – 7 PM
Free entrance