Thanks to our experience, we are able to coordinate and implement the entire production and communication process of exhibitions, public events, special projects, from the simplest (if it exists a simple project…) to the most complex.

Or we can assist you in some phases of the work, offering you a range of services regarding the management of exhibit spaces, the organization and management, the promotion and communications.
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Some of our services:

Exhibit space

•    management and leasing of exhibit space

•    consulting for the outfitting, lighting, safety and acoustic systems


•    direction and planning of cultural events, exhibitions and art shows

•    artistic direction and curating

•    consulting for requests for authorisations and other procedures

•    logistic supervision, organisation of local transport

•   supplying and supervision of specialised personnel in the art sector

•    doorman, security and cleaning services

•    organisation of inaugurations, catering

Promotion and communications

•    local, national and art sector press office

•    traditional and new media marketing

•    photographic services for the press and the web

•    planning and creation of graphic and advertising equipment

•    creation of editorial works