Galerie Nardone, Cadavre Exquis

Officina delle Zattere is working together with Art Events for the exhibition “Cadavre Exquis” that the Galerie Nardone in Bruxelles will bring to Venice in spring 2021.

As explained by Antonio Nardone, the exhibition curator: “As if everyone builds on a page the drawings of his life, it is by unfolding the book that the hermit becomes the actor of a story. He will make his way to meet another page and another, and yet another – it is life that is built.

The same goes for the “cadavre exquis” (the “exquisite corpse”), and the same goes for this exhibition.

And Venice is the lagoon city of the encounters by chance, of solitary pages that expand under the blue sky or the ochre of high water mists”.

We are waiting for you on Easter 2021!